Germany Student Visa:

Germany Study VIsa

In recent years, Germany have been attracting a large number of students due to the excellent education and facilities.  It also provides you an amazing environment that makes you comfortable and makes you feel like home. Additionally, in the era of high expenses, it has very low cost for education. Moreover, it offers you different scholarships that will help you study at lesser cost expense. To simplify, Germany Student Visa offers you quality education with best facilities which is also pocket friendly to you.

Types of Student visas:

1 Language course visa

2 Student application visa:

3 Student visa:

Language course visa:

  • It is German language course which is for about 8-12 months.
  • You can extend it afterwards.
  • You cannot change it into student visa or work permit visa.
  • After the completion of course, you need to go back to your home country.
  • students cannot work with a student applicant visa in Germany.

Student applicant visa:

  • A student applicant visa is also known as a “prospective student visa.”
  • It is a full- time study visa
  • Student Applicant visa (or Visum zur Studienbewerbung) is a type of visa which you can get if you have applied to a German University.
  • To have this visa, it is not necessary to have an acceptance letter from the university or that you need to prepare yourself in Germany for your studies.
  • The student applicant visa is usually valid for 3 months but can be extended by another 6 months if needed but no more than 9 months.

Student study visa:

  • You can receive this visa if you have been accepted to an officially recognised university.
  • The residence permit for study purposes can be issued for a minimum of one year and a maximum of two years.
  • If you have not obtained your degree within this time, you can request to have your residence permit extended.
  • You may work 120 full days or 240 half days, in addition to performing student jobs.
  • After successfully obtaining your degree, you can extend your stay in Germany by applying for a residence permit for jobseekers.


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